• sofa-sleeper for hotel rooms
  • Upholstered armchair
  • sofa-sleeper elegant
  • Sofa-sleeper in country house style
  • sofa-sleeper for guestrooms
  • Upholstered armchair
  • Sofa-sleeper for the hotel interior
  • Armchair for hotel rooms
  • Sofa for hotel rooms
  • armchair for the hotel interior
  • bunk bed for hotel rooms
  • Upholstered armchair

Upholstery for hotel and catering trades

Our upholstery for the hotel and catering trades is characterized by high quality materials, appealing design and flexibility in the range of possible uses. In both the hotel and catering industries, the upholstery must meet the highest demands and fit harmoniously into the existing surroundings.

Top functionality and the latest techniques, precisely when room space must be used to perfection, are employed here. 


  1. Hotel Interior References

    Various examples of hotel room realizations



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